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Now Accepting Dental Emergency Patients!

Harrow Smile Clinic is dedicated to the community and always aims to help in the unfortunate event of dental pain.

We offer Emergency appointments to all patients and will strive to see them within 24 hours, whether the patient is registered with the practice or not. There is no need to delay the treatment you need, even if your regular dental practice cannot see you that day.

Dental pain can occur due to various reasons ranging from teething pain to gum disease infections or decayed/broken teeth.

It is essential that a professional dental consultation is made to ensure the correct diagnosis is reached so appropriate treatment can be provided to alleviate the pain as swiftly as possible.

At Harrow Smile Clinic our patients are cared for by experienced dentists in a calm, relaxed atmosphere, ensuring that the cause of the problem is identified, treated, and a long term solution is offered.

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