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What is 6 Month Braces / Smiles ?

6-Month Smiles is an effective, cosmetic brace system designed to straighten your teeth in approximately 6 months. It provides a fixed, tooth-coloured alternative to removable aligners. It can be used to treat misaligned, crowded teeth and close gaps between teeth to improve the appearance of the smile. It is often the treatment of choice for patients who do not want to wear removable aligners or have traditional fixed metal braces.

How does 6-Month Smile work?

6-Month Smiles utilises a cosmetic fixed brace system which suits all lifestyles. It is less invasive that veneers or crowns, and often is used as a pre-cosmetic treatment to help align teeth prior to whitening and re-contouring of a smile. The special Lucid-Lok clear brackets allow patients to maintain good oral hygiene. The fixed wire and bracket system is hardly noticeable and allows functional tooth movements, resulting in an improved smile within approximately 6 months, but can take up to 9 months for more complex cases. 6-Month Smiles can reduce treatment times by up to 75% compared to removable clear brace systems, depending on their complexity. Discomfort is kept to a minimum while teeth are being repositioned.

How much do 6-Month Smiles braces cost?

The cost of the 6-Month Smiles treatment is usually much less than specialist or clear aligner treatments. Cost varies between £1,500 to £2500, depending on the complexity of each case. During your initial consultation a more accurate indication of treatment fees will be outlined.

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